Why Run Online Course

  • Anywhere

    Break the geographical restrictions

  • Anytime

    Easy to integrate into the daily life context

  • Anyone

    Simple and easy to run

How to run an Online Course

1. Play your DVD or download TMC online episodes from The Marriage Course Builder.

We have created episodes with the conversation timings built in so you and your guests can watch the episode the entire way through. Please access the videos from The Marriage Course Builder.

2. Choose an online platform for hosting your course before the session.

It’s important for many courses to facilitate the course even as it’s running online. If so, we recommend zoom, Skype and Google Hangout for hosting smaller courses and platforms with a livestream or webinar function for larger groups. The Marriage Course is now available with full conversation timings built in if you would like to livestream your course.

3. Schedule your call on the platform.

Email or text an invite to your guests with a link to the meeting.

4. Have all your materials ready.

Prior to your session, make sure you as the host have the episodes ready and your guests have their Guest Journals.

5. Host your call.

Host it like you would an online conference call. Be animated and lively as that extra bit of friendliness will go a long way. Share the video via a private or password-protected link in the chat box so guests can go on and view the link by themselves.

6. Follow up.

Thank the group for their time, remind them to do Continuing Conversations before the next session, and include the call link for the next meeting. You might also want to share the episode with the guests so that couples can review it by themselves again later in the week. Ask for feedback as we’re all so new at this!