The Parenting Teenagers Course DVD (English, Cantonese voice with Eng, Traditional Chinese subtitles)

HK $250.00


《The Parenting Teenagers Course DVD》- English & Cantonese
(English, Cantonese voice with Eng, Traditional Chinese subtitles)

This DVD contains video files of talks (with audios in English & Cantonese voice & subtitles in English & Traditional Chinese).

Nicky and Sila Lee present five sessions that make up The Parenting Teenagers Course. Their talks are interspersed with thoughts and feedback from parents and guardians who have completed the course, as well as street interviews with parents and teenagers from around the world. Each of the five sessions includes two parts, making it possible for the course to also be run over 10 weeks.

Session 1: Meeting our Teenagers Needs
Session 2: Setting Boundaries
Session 3: Building the Relationship
Session 4: Helping our Teenagers Make Good Choices
Session 5: Looking to the Future