Jesus Lifestyle Series 1-3 Manual (English)

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《Jesus Lifestyle 1-3 Manual》

Jesus Lifestyle is a resource designed for use in a small group setting, and is accompanied by a 3DVD set. These manuals contains 18 talks given by Nicky Gumbel at Holy Trinity Brompton that are based on Jesus’ radical teaching given in the Sermon On The Mount, and suggests ways in which we can apply this teaching to our own lives.

Manual Series 1 topics:
1. How to find the secret of happiness.
2. How to change the world around you.
3. How to understand the Old Testament.
4. How to handle anger.
5. How to approach sex in the 21st Century.
6. How to respond to divorce.

Manual Series 2 topics:
7. How to live and act with integrity.
8. How to respond to difficult people.
9. How to handle conflict.
10. How to become a generous giver.
11. How to pray (and fast) like Jesus.
12. How to handle ambition.

Manual Series 3 topics:
13. How to stop worrying and start living.
14. How to deal with criticism.
15. How to respond to the most challenging words ever spoken.
16. How to make the big decision.
17. How to spot false prophets.
18. How to build a secure future.