AlphaAnywhere! // Alpha Hong Kong // E-News May 2017

Greetings from the Executive Director 

Dear Friends & Partners,

Greetings from Alpha Hong Kong!

Jesus once said, “for where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” (Matthew 18:20). What an amazing promise! If Jesus is with us everywhere, that means that we can introduce others to Him ANYWHERE!

That powerful truth is what drives the AlphaAnywhere movement. Our hope is that EVERY Christian in Hong Kong would be equipped and empowered with a simple, effective, adaptible, and reproducible tool like ALPHA to bring the Gospel into every home, office, school, campus, restaurant, bar, cafe, gym, prison, elderly home, hospital, community, and place of gathering in Hong Kong. When we all start to do our small part in the Great Commission, I’m sure we will witness a great revival and transformation in this city like never before!

But when it comes to evangelism, many Christians feel very unprepared and ill-equipped. They don’t even know how to begin and so they end up avoiding it altogether! Hence, we recently developed a brand new AlphaAnywhere Starter Kit (download here) to provide step-by-step instructions and useful tips that will help all of us to join the AlphaAnywhere movement and begin our greatest adventure today!

By the way, if you ever feel a bit overwhelmed or underprepared to share the Gospel, just remember that God doesn’t need your ability, He just needs your availability. As long as you are willing, He is more than able!

So, let’s go for it! I can’t wait to hear all the amazing testimonies that will arise throughout this city as we all step out in greater measures of faith & obedience with Him!

For His name and glory,

Jason Young
Executive Director
Alpha Hong Kong



What is AlphaAnywhere?

We believe that every Christian has been called, chosen and sent by God to give the people around them an opportunity to encounter Jesus in the context of their daily lives. Through AlphaAnywhere, an easy and simple way to share the Gospel, here are some Christians who have brought the love of Jesus to their schoolmates, coworkers and friends in all sorts of settings, including the campus, workplace, clubhouse, and even the basketball court –

Angie shared the Gospel with a small group of friends using Alpha at her clubhouse. “These videos consist of many multimedia elements. The modern and down-to-earth approach helps us explore the meaning of life and just never bores us. This is such an engaging video series!”

On his campus, Ying-Lun incorporated Alpha videos into his mentorship course for a student who was a new believer, and they watched the first session video. “A few days later, my mentee brought me two of his friends. I listened to their questions about faith, and then we watched the first session video again and talked about it. One of the students, who is a Christian, had many of his questions resolved. The other student decided to believe in Christ as well! How grateful we feel about God’s provision for us! We appreciate the honest sharing of everyone, and also the tools from Alpha!”

Adam and Tarquin, auditors who are running Alpha for their clients over lunch at their client’s office, said, “Alpha improves the relationship between colleagues and enables us to build trust more easily in the workplace. We are able to share our feelings and thoughts about Jesus and our personal beliefs about different aspects of life without boundaries, not only during the video sessions, but also in our daily lives. This experience is rewarding!”

Yiu-Wah, a basketball team coach, shares the Gospel with his team through Alpha. “Most of the team members are students from secondary schools or colleges. After training sessions, I found it hard to share the faith with them. We want to have an evangelism tool that is relevant to the needs of young people, lively, easily understood, and most importantly, able to catch their attention after training. Alpha completely meets the needs of the team. After training, we have lunch together, watch videos, and talk. I think this is just perfect!”

Get ready. Get started. AlphaAnywhere today!



Financial Update 2017-18

Alpha HK relies completely on the generous donations of our partners, like you, to make it possible for anyone, anywhere to explore life and the Christian faith in a friendly, open and informal environment through Alpha.

Alpha is free and always will be because of your support. Thank you!

This year, Alpha HK needs to raise HK$5M to meet its ministry goals and objectives. This includes our commitment to continue producing innovative, culturally relevant multimedia tools & resources to reach Cantonese-speakers in HK and around the world with the Gospel.


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Alpha invites and inspires. It empowers and equips. Alpha transforms lives and communities.

Thank you for walking with us to make this transformation possible!